Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Ag Shield's Road Side Sprayer: Cost-effective vegetation management solution

Effective Vegetation Management For Lower Cost

What the road side sprayer can do for you...

  • Effectively manage vegetation on road top, slope and ditch in one pass. 
  • Significantly reduce over all application, equipment and labor costs.
  • Reduce risk and liability 


Match our road side sprayer variations to your equipment and application requirements.

Key Product Features

Contained Skid Mounts
· Designed for easy  mounting and
· Built for 1/2 , 3/4 or 1 tonne truck beds and  flat decks.
Plumbing Manifolds and Tanks
· Customized tank,  plumbing,  pump and
  nozzle variations  that offer single, double          
  or triple applications.
Shielded Spray Booms
· Spray booms sections that allow you to
  effectively target unwanted vegetation
· Spray road tops, slopes and ditches in one pass.
. Control spray drift.
· Reduce risk and liability.
Quality  Components
· In cab boom control and  automatic rate
  controllers offer convenience and keep
  rates matched to speeds.

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