Thursday, 21 November 2013

Kansas Farmer "Gets The Job Done" With Ag Shield Sprayer Booms

Call it a perfect match or plainly just creating an opportunity, what ever the case, Ag Shield Manufacturing has enjoyed meeting the needs of customers from far and wide.

Whether its increasing crop and forage yields, pasture and land management or simply matching the right niche product to the appropriate application, Ag Shield innovation has risen to the occasion.

When it comes to an industry leading, patented sprayer boom application system,  Ag Shield has met the needs of many and in more ways than one.

With every product that is delivered there is a need that has been met and a success story to be told.
This story takes us to the "Wheat State" of Kansas, USA.

Eric Jacques has been using  Ag Shield's 100ft shielded sprayer booms with GFS (ground following system) for the past three years. After exposing his first set to over 50,000 acres with out a hitch, he now has matched his second set to a John Deere 4830 high clearance chassis.

Jacques farms  wheat, corn, soybeans and grain sorghum. A diverse operation amongst a landscape that does offer up it's challenges to every day farming operations.

"In Kansas the wind is blowing every day, Ag Shield's shielded booms allow me to adapt to present weather conditions and spray when I need to spray." Jacques said,  "I just can't apply consistently without a covered boom."

Big winds, rough and rolling terrain makes a proven sprayer boom the key to sustained productivity.
Jacques stated, "When spraying glyphosate, I can operate in a twenty to thirty mile per hour winds and cover one in a half times more acres with the shielded boom."

"The in-cab GFS (ground following system) is easy to use, all I have to do is turn the dial. It allows me to keep my booms where I need them to be and my booms will simply last longer." Jacques said.

This relationship, like others are long and broad,  Ag Shield sprayer booms have been teamed with a variety of high clearance products, operators and used for a wide scale of applications.

 Ag Shield's foundation for long-term success in the sprayer boom market has been built in parallel with an innovative and quality product but also strong personal and working relationships.

Industry partners like Prairieland Partners in Hutchison and Price Brothers Equipment Company in Wichita
contribute greatly to making opportunities like these attainable.