Friday, 15 November 2013

New Additions to the Ag Shield Production Team: Increasing Efficiency, Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Increasing Efficiency, Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Throughout our various day to day production schedules and projects, Ag Shield staff and management continuously strive towards improvements to ensure of continued process efficiency, product quality and customer satisfaction.

Each year we review and recommend new investments into our production and assembly process. 2013 is no exception and we have now received two new additions to our production team. People.... no, but assets all the same.

The Wheelabrator Pass-Through Table Blast

This rugged and effective machine allows us to efficiently clean steel lengths and individual parts by throwing steel shot onto the material at high velocities removing surface rust, mill scale, welding smoke and splatter. What this process ensures of is;

  • Premium and hardened finish to steel for paint adhesion
  • Decreased prep time and required labor
  • Increased prep quality and paint ready parts
  • Decreased surface deficiencies
  • Increased quality of finished/painted parts

The HyPerformance HPR130 Plasma Table

Just arriving, this new addition has replaced a previous, older plasma unit and has come with various upgrades;

  • Upgraded operational technology and machine software.
  • Able to cut oxy acetylene and plasma.
  • Ability to cut up to 1 1/2 " thick steel
  • Ability to accurate parts more efficiently
  • Straight air for shielding rather than nitrogen, reducing operational costs